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Hey there from South Yarra, Melbourne! At Nikoo Jewelry, we're all about bringing you the coolest, most beautiful jewelry and gifts right to your screen. Whether you're after something timeless or totally trendy, our online collection’s got you covered.

Shopping with us? It's a breeze. Dive into our treasures anytime, find that perfect piece, and we'll make sure it's a fun, easy ride. Every piece here tells a story of craftsmanship and love, crafted by some of the best artisans around.

We're here to help you pick out something special, with a big smile and all the advice you need. Located in the heart of Melbourne but always open online, we're your go-to for adding a sparkle to your life or finding that perfect gift.

So, come check us out – where amazing finds meet a laid-back, friendly vibe. See you at Nikoo Jewelry!